Patricia Kelly

Halloween Ride October 30th 2017

Yet another great Halloween ride, the sun shone and everything went well, thank you to all our supporters.

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Bobby the Horse October 2017

Hope you are all enjoying our wonderful horse sculpture ‘ Bobby the horse’ which was just put in place last Thursday evening.
For those who haven’t seen it yet, it is on the grass mound, to the left of the roundabout as you drive south on the B5253 ( Flensburg Way,) from the Waste disposal roundabout (Tank roundabout) to the junction of Longmeanygate and Flensburg way.
The idea originated a couple of years ago, as a war horse statue to commemorate the horse in WW1, but South Ribble Borough Council and C & W Berry came on board to support the structure and felt that it would be more in keeping if developed as part of the’ Transport in Leyland Theme’ which is displayed around the borough.
The resulting sculpture, as designed by DP Structure Ltd, really is superb and lives up to all our expectations. I think it might have come as a bit of a shock last Friday morning when people driving to work saw that a giant horse and cart had suddenly appeared on the roundabout.
We managed to go along in the dark hours of Thursday evening to watch the horse and cart being placed in position by the giant crane – all very exciting after all the planning which has taken place. (Some photos attached)
Considering our main aim was to celebrate the importance of the horse, it was quite poignant when we realized that the site of the structure had some 30 odd years previous, been the site of the original house and stables of a well-known local rag and bone man, and his famous horse Bobby. Hence the name of the sculpture is Bobby the horse.
Ulnes Walton Bridleways Association would like to thank everyone for their support in allowing this project to come to fruition, especially C & W Berry for their funding and work on the wagon and South Ribble Borough Council for all their design, planning and funding .
UWBA is so pleased to have promoted the importance of the horse in our community – past and present.
Enjoy the sculpture!!!

Sun 19th March 2017 The wear anything pink ride


Thank you to all who supported our Ulnes Walton wear anything pink ride, despite a very wet start everybody seemed to enjoy it.
Please go to for some professional photos,
below are some snaps taken at the venue.




Halloween October 2016

Great day with lots of riders, thank you to all our supporters, we would be able to raise the funds to improve off road riding without you.


Onesie Ride 20th March 2016

Great day was had by all, the sun shone yet again on our Onesie ride, thank you to all that attended.

Halloween Ride 30th November 2015

The witches were out yet again, think we all to realistic in these costumes, once again a fantastic turn out over 100 riders. Thank you for your support and costumes were great.


Ulnes Walton Wander Sunday 26th April 2015 Ride report.

Local Ride Update organised by Lancashire EGB

Ulnes Walton Wander Sunday 26th April 2015 Ride report.

After worrying about the bad weather forecast given for the weekend the Ulnes Walton Wander was very lucky indeed. Showers were on and off all day Saturday but we managed to mark on all the dry areas so the markers stuck thank goodness.

Sunday turned out to be blue skies and sunny although there was a cool breeze, just right for riding. The day went well with lots of Grade ones. A massive thanks to all the Marshall’s and Officials the rides would not go on without you.
Please take a look at your photos on and support our photographer Edwin, he has been a star supporting all the rides with his camera.



Yea the sun shone and loads of riders turned up in their Onesies, it was a great ride everyone enjoyed it and we had a over 70 riders, a big thanks to everyone who supported the ride and put on their onesies.

Equestrian Car Boot March 29th 2015

A big thanks to everyone who attended our first equestrian car-boot sale at Pauls Farm, it was a great success, and a big thanks to Kerry and helpers who did all the hard work.


Yet again the weather held out for the Halloween ride, it was well supported with plenty of wonderful outfits, an end of season short ride but everyone always seem to enjoy the fun part of this ride.
A big thanks to Sue Taylor-Green and her team of helpers and an even even bigger thanks to the support of all the riders local and from afar. I hope you have all been on for some brilliant photos.


Ulnes Walton Wander April 27th 2014

Great weather was enjoyed with the attendance of 60 riders. Everyone came back smiling and all said what a wonderful well marked ride. I was marshaling so missed out on the fun but there is a lot of pleasure of seeing all the hard work that running a ride takes come together to give other riders enjoyment. Thank you to all who helped and especially to Sue Taylor-Green who’s attention to detail is spot on. As usual Edwin was there standing in a field for hours just to capture some great shots. Please take a look.