April 22nd Lancashire EGB competition ride.

Many thanks for the following positive comments posted on the EGB website.

A big thank you to the ride organizers and the team of helpers who put this ride on my first time but will not be the last. You hear so many people complain about manners at rides, I rode my very young horse at this ride today (number50) and every rider who I met were so considerate asking to pass and passing slowly then they saw his green tail ribbon,.even the riders coming towards me so could not see the ribbon slowed down when they saw his head lift and nostrils flare. Hope everyone had a great ride it was a pleasure to be there.

Thanks to all the organisers – excellent marking, especially given the weather conditions over the last few days – & loads of cheery officials! Even the weather co-operated – who would have thought I could have ridden both days this weekend & not really got wet (except when the pony detoured through a hedge at the sight of the black plastic covered pallet in the village!). Really nice to have a local ride – the deisel cost less than the entry for once! Looking foward to the Heapy Hack in August!